Why I Write Poetry: Ravishu Punia

In 2017, I started a “Why I Write Poetry” series of guest posts. I’ve already received so many, and I hope they keep coming in (details on how to contribute below). Today’s “Why I Write Poetry” post comes from Ravishu Punia who writes, “Through poems, words say nothing and yet, they utter everything.” My name is Ravishu Punia. I am a student currently studying MBA and CMA with the hopes of starting a business which could contribute positively to the world. When I am not reading through kilogr

Fireflies – A Natural Remedy For “Old Eyes”

Ravishu Punia riddled by a case of “old eyes” chances upon the remedy in the form of little light-emitting beetles. Read his account of his journey to Bhandardara, his path illuminated by nature's guiding lights. As we grow older, we lose the ability to really see the world, looking at it with “old eyes”. Caught in the monotony of our lives, we perceive things without really looking, becoming bizarrely blind to the beauty of the world. However, as I have recently discovered, an activity which c

Chronic (St)illness

As I close in on the anniversary of my chronic disease, I have decided to do something different. This year, I am not going to denounce it. Instead, this year, I will celebrate being chronically ill. After all, why would I not want to celebrate one of the most pivotal and monumental chapters of my life. It has shaped me like a river shapes valleys, gradually but immutably. For years, I have woken up with excruciating pain bolting through my body. Fatigue that has made it difficult to move aroun

10 things I learned from 10 days of khichdi cleanse

If you are anything like me, there is a good chance you will not even bother reading this introductory paragraph. Your thumbs will scroll the page while your eyes scan for the number ‘1’ as you hastily try to make your way to the list. For those of you who are crazy enough to want to read the introduction, here it is. Khichdi is a traditional Ayurvedic dish made with split mung beans, basmati rice along with ample ghee and a load of spices. A Khichdi cleanse involves eating Khichdi for all your